Anemia is the umbrella term for a variety of disorders characterized by the inability of red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen.

Food to consume plenty of

  • Organ meats, beef and other meats, poultry, fish and egg yolks for iron and vitamin B12.
  • Dried beans and peas, dates, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, seeds and blackstrap molasses, all good nonheme sources of iron.
  • Iron enriched breads and cereals.
  • Citrus fruits and other good sources of vitamin C, including orange juice which increase the body's iron absorption.
  • Green leafy vegetables, lentils and beans, asparagus, corn and enriched grains for folate.

Food to limit

  • Bran, spinach, rhubarb, swiss chard, chocolate and tea, which hinder iron absorption.

Food avoid

  • Iron supplements, unless prescribed by a physician.

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