Honey is a wonder food, its nutritional value is very limited; honeys are mostly sugars - fructose and glucose, with some sucrose. Honey is higher in calories than sugar.


  • A source of quick energy.
  • Adds flavor to foods and beverages and improves the shelf life of baked goods.


  • Contains more calories volume for volume than sugar.
  • Contamination with Clostridium botulinum spores may be dangerous for babies under a year old.

As a bee gathers nectar, it's kept in a sac where enzymes begin a refining and filtering process. When the bee returns to its hive, a chain of workers greets it; each one pumps the nectar in and out of the honey sac until it becomes honey concentrated enough to resist bacteria and molds. It is then stored in a comb to ripen until it is needed for food. 


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